How Natural Testosterone Boosters For Women Are Used

Those who are in sports have a large variety of supplements to choose from, and one of these in involves the male hormone. While the thing is still arguable and certainly not one hundred percent proven effective, a lot of athletes take natural testosterone boosters for women. This applies to female athletes and males will have any number of things to boost testosterone.

The concept behind this is how testosterone does exist in different levels in men and women. And it is the chemical that causes better and firmer muscle build up. Many programs in athletics and other sports once used this kind of boost to their women athletes, but these days the governing bodies of most if not all sports prohibit the use of performance enhancing drugs.

It all depends on the usage however, and many women who are pros in their sports will often take in a lot of supplements in training. The thing is that some of these may be on the list of prohibited drugs. That they are drugs serve to be cautionary to anyone approaching this kind of training or thinking about taking it.

Some women though really need some kind of shots that help them up their testosterone. This works just like the estrogen shots that are given them, just how like the former element can be one medically recommended for men with low levels of their normal hormone. But providing other sex hormone is something that is not supported by a reliable number of research results.

Research is still being done, but the ban on many enhancing drugs which mix hormones, chemical stimulants and other stuff may be because these are snake oil type of products. There is actually no proof that they boost performance, and when they do so, their effects are much like those folks have when taking illegal drugs.

That is where many sportsmen have failed in modern games. There have been many banned, and these include women who take an inordinate amount of the hormone being discussed. While programs in countries like the former East Germany tend towards proof that they work, there are many adverse effects.

These are among the worst things that governing sports bodies do not want in athletes. For instance, those East German female athletes who ingested or had themselves injected with high levels of the male hormone looked more male. Sometimes they lost their own natural procreative functions and developed addictions.

The natural way is still the best way in proving excellent athleticism or sportsman qualities. Strength from muscles can also be legally enhanced, and smaller doses of the stuff in question may make the difference. Harder muscles often are needed to perform the most difficult moves in sports, or to produce more stamina and endurance.

Again, there is no proof that the supplements work. There may come a time when newer and more advanced products are created which does not violate regulations. In any case all athletes are beholden to find ways to boost their performances legitimately and all those who excel will admit to taking supplements.